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Alt 09-06-2004, 22:42
Beitraege: n/a
Standard Beratungsmail: Studieren Österreich aus Mexiko am 13/12/2002

I come from Mexico and
I want to study in austria. Could you tell me what I have to do?
I mean, the steps I must follow in order to study there.
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Alt 09-06-2004, 22:42
Beitraege: n/a
Standard am 16/12/2002 um 09:26

I think I answered your posting recently - or at least a similar one.
here is my posting from below once again!
best regards


first you have to check if you are able to study in Austrai. Normally you can do that if you are enabled to study the same in Mexico as well.
After that you should apply for admission to university. In the new year, you can do that through the Austrian ambassy in Mexico.

The next step is to apply for a so called "Aufenthaltserlaubnis für Studenten". You do this at the Austrian ambassy as well.
You should get a leaflet at the ambassy hich papers you need.

This will be a place to live in Austria, (you will have to proof that you have a right to live in a flat or a students home), a social insurance and about EUR 5000 to earn a living.
(You will be allowed to earn a bit of that of your own, but to explain this would go too far in this posting.)

In case everything works out the way you want, the ambassy wil hand you the admission to univeristy an the residence permit together, and you are allowed to come to Austria and study here.

I hope this is some hele to you, for further questions please contact me on this site!


Michael Krenn
helping hands
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