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  • PoliziAuskunft

    Hello Peter,
    I have an application for citizenship, the police came to a friend who I'm living with him, and asked several questions related to religion, drinking, praying,..etc
    Is it normal?

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    Wenn Sie entsprechende Verdachtsmomente geschaffen haben..?


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      I didn't do anything, they asked for it since april and it didn't come now at all. What should I do to accelerate it ? any ideas ?
      By the way, the search function in the forums is not working at all. it only show new topics, but old topics are gone.


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        When did you apply initially?


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          I have applied in Nov 2019. MA35 says if the polizieauskunft is positive, then my application is going to be positive descission.


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            Abwarten oder Säumnisbeschwerde


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              Thanks Peter.
              1. Is it ok or you think it's a bad idea, to contact the Landes Poliziei Wien and take some info ? or ask for an interview ? or just leave it ?
              2. Is it normal that they do investigations behind my back and ask someone who I live with about me ? Chrachter, Drinking, Praying ?
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                Es scheint einen Grund zu geben - und solange ich den nicht kenne, kann ich nichts dazu sagen


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                  As I said before the police has come to friend and asked about my character, whether I pray, Drink,..etc.

                  The thing is I was married to an extremist Muslim family(Salafist), and that's the reason they are doing heavy investigation.

                  I don't know how we should tackle this problem and convince them.

                  For example : I have been a member at Casino Wien and I have the Gold Member Card, and I drink there. That can prove I'm not Muslim anymore, neither restrict at all.
                  I also never went to mosques anymore, and I'm not interested in religion anymore.

                  Now we have two scenaorios
                  1. Either we go to LDP Wien and ask for an interview or you write a report ? I don't know if that's feasible and would open many questions to me
                  2. Either wait and do Saumnisbeschwerde at the court ? Which will take again time and evaulate my application again and costs money, and I can't afford more money now for that.
                  3. Leave it as it is ? don't know, because they started the investigation and I'm sure they wanted to let me know they are doing investigating through my friend, so I should react and prove that otherway around

                  Thanks Peter


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                    Wir kommen der Sache näher.. da gibt es also einen Hintergrund. Die gute Nachricht: Die Polizei tut ihren Job, wurden also von der Staatsbürgerschaftsbehörde eingeschaltet. Die schlechte Nachricht: Damit wird das Verfahren nicht kürzer. Zu den Optionen:

                    1: Einmal bei der LPD oder gleich dem LVT melden, etwa mit "wenn Sie von mir etwas wissen wollen, fragen Sie mich doch" - macht ein gutes Bild
                    2.: kostet € 30. Hat aber nur Sinn, wenn alles andere passt
                    3: was ist der Unterschied zu 1?